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Hello! How are you? I'm Linda, I'm 17and I go to a boarding school. My best friend is XOandrea257. I am a Christian, I'm a Directioner, and I love Nutella if you have an issue then that's your problem not mine.  My friends call me a raccoon because "I'm up all night" and  I'm not a morning person. I'm also obsessed with Harry Potter and just about anything British.

I've getting a lot of "are you from England??" I'm not although I wish I was.

Quotes by peliroja

I think the hardest thing I have ever done is telling someone who is madly and deeply in love with me that I don't feel the same way anymore.

it just feels unwanted so it hides...
I love how people think I care... well hunni bun you're wrong I don't.
Is it too soon to say
"I love you??"
Don't let what you don't know interfere with what you want to accomplish.
Me and my bofriend talking to each other:

Me: anything new and exciting in ur life??

Boyfriend: i have a beautiful girlfriend

Me: really!?!? i havent met her have i? wats she like?

Boyfriend: well i think she is a wonderful girl. she has a different personality which i like. she is a tad shorter than me which is a first. she is a little rough around the edges sometimes but i like that. she is very beautiful. and she likes to kick people...

Me: well hes a red head which i like. hes a fighter he likes mma and wrestling. hes a little bit taller than me and i thought that i was taller. he is a sweetheart and his music taste isnt too bad he doesnt like one direction... and i wish i could kiss him now but hes in tl reading this rite now.

I dont know what I'd do without him...
So apparently I'm intimidating, I find that hilarious. I'm a hand full, hyper, high maintenance, violent and a B!/tch. My boyfriend is the only one that can handle me I scare away everone who doesn't know me. But I'm also a sweetheart who loves to help people. Too bad they won't let me get close even to touch them.
I have a new boyfriend, he treats me like a princess. We started dating on Friday. After we said good-bye after school I walked into the library were my friend/ex works. He starts saying "eww eww eww."I'm like why? "You din't know him like I do" he said. "So isn't that part of a relationship?' I shot back. "No but I don't want to tell you the things I know about him". "Okay then why cant you just let me be happy? It took me forever to get over someone and when I finally moved on you shoot me out of the sky? I could tell you so many things about your girlfriend but I don't and I won't so stop being such a little B!/tch." He hasn't talke to me since.
Just because I didn't like him in the beginning of the year doesn't mean that i won't like him now. And I said that I wanted a boyfriend because I've been feeling really low lately. So don't judge me because you get mad when people don't believe you when you say you have a girlfriend. So bug off people change I really like Timmy, okay? I trust him which is more I can say with Daniel.
Let's just take a moment and think of how Martin Luther King affected our lives.
He went through hell and back just to show that everyone should be treated equally.
He didn't use violoence, which is now a social norm to end conflicts.
He died for everyone to be equal which people now take for granted.
We celebrate this day and people are just looking the other way lk it's nothing. 
If he hadn't stood up for what he believed in we wouldn't have our president elected into another term let alone his first.
we would still have separate bathrooms, restaurants, water fountains, schools, stores everthing would be different.
Let's take a momnet to thank Dr. King who is hopefully up in Heaven enjoying himself.