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Im sweet, petite, about 5 feet and the blondest brunette you'll eva meet fallinxoforxoyou ... talk to me there -Gymnast cutie -Varsity cheer chica -Freshman '08 DaddysOXOgirl

Quotes by perfect10xo

of course its you.
its always been you
and boy,
its always gonna be you
i love you
Stop right there. That's exactly where we lost it.
-----------------Just Friends </3-------------------
See that line. Well we never should have crossed it.
and " i love you " doesnt seem to mean much anymore when its not comin from you </3

minee <3 IM me if you need help makin it cute
if you cant tumble with the big girls
go play football

<3 Gymnastics is life, the rest is just details
saying "we can still be friends
is like having your dog run over
and your mom saying
"we can still keep it"

I can make it REALLY cutee... IM me on [[ Fallin xo for xo you ]] and ill show you howw
you know what kills me.
i wake up at 5:30 every morning to put on makeup and do my hair. i make the cheerleading squad so i can spend more time with you on the weekends. i walk down an extra 4 halls and up 2 extra stair cases to see you in the hall. and you probably still have no clue how i feel about you </3
I know i've done a lot of stupid things,
but falling for you was one of the dumbest things i've ever done </3

IM me at
fallin xo for xo you
if ya wanna
"GiVe Up AnD mOvE oN hEs NoT wOrTh yOuR TiMe" thats what they all say, but I dont see it that way. I see us together holding hands, walking barefoot in the sand. Candlelight dinners and late night walks. Sharing our dreams and fears while we talk. Playsing games and singing too. Thats all I can see.. is me and you <33
I wanna be your girl so bad

im me at daddys oxo girl
if ya wanna.. ALL MINE! Means a lot, IM me and Ill show ya how to make it cute.. or looks cute in arial narrow, black. With the hearts HOT PINK
In life you only need one man
who understands you
whos a good kisser
and who likes to party
Just make sure those 3 guys never meet <333
even only after one week
every kiss you lay on my cheek
means so much, and is a lot to look forward to
I cant imagine beind with someone besides you
Before i met you my life was plain
and since then nothings been the same
Your my baby, your my boo
and not matter what, I'll always love you

kinda gay but use it if ya wanna
xoxo IM me at daddysoxogirl