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Hey witty people
Name: Kate
Age: 20
Place: Long Island, New york
Im a junior in college,my favorite colors are purple and zebra. I believe that everything happens for a reason and karmas a bitch, so watch out:) I have blonde hair and blue eyes and 5 foot 9 inches. I love the summer and the beach but I also love the cold snowy weather as well(:Im single but love to flirt with guys;) I love everyone, trust no one, and am nice to anyone, unless I have reason not to be. I have a zero tolerance level for bullshit.
 I love to make new friends so dont be shy to talk to me! I have a facebook and twitter request or follow me. Comment on my profile i'll always comment back:D need someone to talk too? im always here=]!/profile.php?id=562490563
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Quotes by perfectstryke11

“There’s people in the world that are jealous of success. Don’t even second guess yourself, step or get left.”
 Mac miller<3


Pretty Little Liars teaches me not to lie, Switched at Birth teaches me american sign language, Teen Mom teaches me to use protection and how rough being a teenager and having a child is, NCIS teaches me how to solve crimes, Jersey Shore teaches me what not to do to if you want to look like an idiot, Law & Order teaches me how to defend myself.

baby will you kiss me under the mistletoe tonight
will you cuddle with me by the fireplace
will you fall asleep right by my side
baby will you hold me so tight that we will never want to let go
ohh baby will you be mine tonight and forever
is it only me
or does everyone
end up on witty or facebook
when they are suppose to be doing homework?

when im drunk im such a mess..this is a problem
guys get what they want

the hardest part was saying goodbye even though we both know we have feelings for each other still.
Dear Santa,

I never ask for alot on Christmas but this year I would really want one thing; to actually feel beautiful. When I say to actually feel beautiful i dont mean when someone commenting on photo saying "hey gorgeous" or "your so pretty"I just want to feel comfortable around my friends who are a size 0. I want to look good in pictures and not worry about how i look.I would like to feel more confident about myself. I simply want to feel beautiful.

Santa i may not be the only girl who feels like this sending you a letter(:

apparently im not pretty enough for my ex and i am below his standards...
i cant stop crying, i feel like a nothing:/

you aint got the right to tell me when and where to go
no right to tell me acting like you own me lately
ya baby you dont know a thing about me
to love someone is something
to have someone love you is something else
but to be inlove with each other is a whole other story<3
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