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Quotes by permanentmarker

I was coming home at the airport,
at around 1 in the morning,
because my flight was delayed.
I was really really tired,
and like had no energy at all.
When I came down the escalator
I saw a group of people with
all the energy in the world it seemed.
They were holding posters saying
"We missed you Daddy"&
"Welcome home"
With like camoflauge painted on it.
He had been away at the army.
Every person that walked down,
they would be looking for him.
Smiling, and thankful, even
at such a late time,
that for no matter how long,
He was home.


I don't want to be
just another girl.


J u s t   re m e m b e r , l i f e  h a s   i t s   u p s   &   d o w n s .
the times where we absolutely hate it & want to just crawl & hide.
the times where we love it & don't even care about anything.
and these times come pretty much on top of each other.
so the next time you think "life sucks, i hate it, i hate everyone"
just remind yourself that before long, you'll be smiling again(:
and thats whats gonna get you through(: stay strong <333


Would you rather be called 


Fave for beautiful, comment for hot

But inside,
you're just a little


Have you ever loved someone so much, you'd give an arm for? Not the expression, no, literally give an arm for? When they know they're your heart, and you know you were their armor, and you will destroy anyone who would try to harm 'her. But what happens when karma, turns right around and bites you? And everything you stand for, turns on you to spite you? What happens when you become the main
source of her pain?

f o r g v   ; ;
sounds good.
f o g e   ; ;
I'm not sure I could.
t h e   s a y  ; ;
time heals everything.
but i'm still waiting.

*remake of my old quote.


i'm   not   stupid.
we're teenagers.
we're not in love.
we're not gonna be each
other's last relationships.

but even though we're not in
love, we still love each other.

we do laugh so hard with some people, we can barely breathe. we do smile at all the sweet little things a person does to brighten our day.  we do think of people as your best friend. we do have the time of our lives with each other. so no matter what happens, even if you break my heart someday, even if we go on to hate each other, i just want you to know, i had the time of my life with you. no matter how long it lasts, a week or a year, or even by some miracle, a lifetime,
with you i was  truly happy. you brightened up my days.
and i'll never regret a thing.



I can't imagine someone thinking I'm beautiful.
I can't imagine a guy having a crush on me.
I can't imagine girls ever being jealous of me.
I'm just me. I'm nothing special, & I'm not pretty.
I wish I was.


Things Wrong With The
Music Video For Friday:

- she is wearing makeup when she gets up.
- her friends driving the car look about 13
- what happened to going to school&the bus?
- the friend on her left feels left out, obviously.
- if she "kicked in the front seat" she'd have to sit on that girls lap.
- Wow, thanks for reminding me the order of the days!
I forgot for a second there. Wheeewww. Lifesaver.
- It was uploaded on a Thursday, Thursday...
-Sorry I don't know what fun is. Remind me please?
-How is it night already? Seriously what happened to school?
- FRIIIED EGG, FRIIEND EGG. fun fun fun fun.
- She sucks at singing. Even with autotune.
-She sounds like a robot.

IT'S FRIDAY FRIDAY! Lol jk. It's Wednesday(;