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Quotes by petri

You are not afraid


to cry

to laugh

to understand

to dream


to love


but what if i am



What I love about you

How you laugh fills up a room with mini beams of sunshine

The spontaneous kisses that always catch me by surprise

The smile you give me whenever I catch your eye across the room

When I hold your hand, I feel like I can do anything, as long as you’re there

The way I can tell you anything, and you’ll listen

I can trust you and I really hope you feel like you can trust me too

Your artistic view of the world, takes me on countless adventures

You are not afraid to cry and you don’t care if I am

You love me for who I am, not for the person everyone else wants me to be

and I promise I will love you for the person you want to be

One billion

     Tonight one billion stars will sparkle against the dark velvet sky. One billion fireflies will dance silently around sleepy flowers. One billion wishes will be wished and one billion dreams, dreamed. One billion tiny fairy kisses will float onto your closed eyelids as you fall asleep to the sound of one billion tears falling to the ground

Where is my "happily ever after" now?

In the end

does it really matter who we love?

the love itself should be justification

love's beauty should not have to hide

just because we're a bit different


In the end

does it really matter what they say?

our love should be stronger than that

but what if they destroy that too?

just because we're a bit different


In the end

does it really matter if we loved each other?

they didn't care and they tore us apart

is it really worth it any more?

just because we're a bit different


In the end

did it really matter if we let go?

they never gave us a second thought

could we really just disappear?

just because we were a bit different


Is this the end?

You cry like the world is ending

but it's not

For us it is only the beginning

and I want to explore every inch of this uncharted world

with you


We can discover all its secrets

one adventure at a time


We'll watch the birth of stars

and the fall of heros

We'll dance on the shore

of the vast blue ocean

and run through fields of fluffy new snow


At night we will stare up at the ever changing sky

and dream of another tomorrow

I´ve been looking for an evil genius 
With a sidekick dog named Grover Cleveland. 
And now that I found you we can take over the world. 
With cyborg robot squirrels

"Had she lost it?
Blown a gasket?
 Blown a fuse-
Gone 'round the bend-
off to the loony bin-
a few fries short of a happy meal- 
you know, cuckoo?"
-Amy 13 to life

Your eyes are my sky
Your arms are my sea
Your heart is my beat
The only reason that I said nothing
was because I was afraid that
if I did say something
I would regret it later.
But now I wish I had
yelled back
thx Angel of Music