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Quotes by philly234

I miss you.
I know I see you everyday, but the you I see .. isn't you.
It isn't the you I had all the fun memories with, who I could trust &tell everything to.
It isn't the you that I called my best friend, practically sister.
The you I see - Is the new you.
But I miss the old one; the real you.
I miss my other half.

vent_read the bold words ..


He likes my best friend. </3


f m l .

&The truth  is// ..

All I've ever wanted, is to feel like I'm needed.


I leave our chat open,
just incase
he starts to
write me something.

mine I think. Sorry if I jocked!:)
I  want  to call you mine.

 format     is     not        mine.
II       think      the    quote    is.
I hate 
how every time we talk, I fall for you more &more ❤
- mine i think. 
Not once
Have I forgotten to tell him good luck before his football games.
I miss the old you. 
I miss us.
I just want to be happy.
I'm starting to feel like I will never have a boyfriend, always loose my "best friends", and never get along with my family. Because that's how it is now, as has been for 15 years.
I want the life I've been dreaming of.
I just want to be happy.