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 Loving him is hard to regret,
losing him is hard to accept,
but even with all the hurt I've felt,
letting go is the most painful yet

I can't promise to make all of your problems go away.
But I can promise you this.
You will never face them alone.


You know what your problem is? You get attached, fast.
And once
you're attached to someone, you do everything
you ca
n to please them and make them happy. It's never
n about what you want, it's always everyone's needs
before y
our own. You give out too many chances to people,
who quit
e frankly, do not deserve them. They take advantage
of you, and
you become a pushover. But you're okay with that
because they're
in your life and that's all you ever really wanted.
And even if they
screw you over, you'll still be there for them.
Because that's you,
that's who you are. Once you get attached
to someone, they captu
re your heart and they always have a
place there. And that is why
it's so hard for you to let him go,.

What  did  one  tampon  say  to another?

Nothing, they  were  both  stuck  up b*tches.


Dear  boys ,

If a girl looks at your eyes when she's talking to you, she thinks you're gorgeous. 
If she whispers to her friends when you're near, she's talking about you.
If a girl bites her lip, she wants to kiss you.
If she catches your eye and smiles shyly, she likes you.
If a girl has something written on her hand, it's aimed at you.
But most importantly.
If she tells you she likes you, she's taken all her courage to do so.

You know what makes me mad?

That about a hundred years ago, women fought for independence, to not be treated like a piece of property, or just a thing to reproduce with, and now today, we're have short shorts, and Victoria's Secret.

Sometimes people aren't
who we think they are.
& sometimes people are
   Originally thought they were

yesterday in L.A.

Our teacher was giving us the definition of the word "cajole"
[Persuade someone to do something by sustain coating or flattering]

Then, he looks at all of us and says,

"That's what a boy does to a girl. He tells her she's beautiful and that he loves her and persuades her to do stuff then BAM! I don't love you anymore."


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first guy.
first try.
first lie.
first good-bye.


fooncin her life,
she wants someone to take a chance with her
so she can show them
→that she could really be worth it.