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be yourself and have no friends
Than it is to be like your friends
and have no self.


When you think your not
Happy with your life,
Always remember that someone
Is very happy, simply because
you exist. 



Live like 
Laugh out loud all day without any reason,
and annoy the mean people with your happiness.


" nomatterhowmanytimes
I G E T H U R T. B E C A U S E O F Y OU I W O N ' T L E A V E Y O U
BecauseEvenIfIHad [[ A Hundreds Reasons ]] to leave you ;

I'll Look For That One Reason

to fight for you " """

Click the [ ] P.S.Nottt Mineee !

The minute you

Stop being yourself.


 I Can'Even
call you my best friend anymore ... we haven't talked in forever
but next time we talk, you should tell me who you've
b e c a u s e   I   d o n ' t   e v e n   k n o w   y o u   a n y m o r e

you're just a boy.
                a boy that i fell helplessly in love with. ♥

One day you'll love me ,
T h e  w a y  I  l o v e d  y o u .
One day you'll think of me ,  

T h e  w a y  I  t h o u g h t  o f  y o u .
One day you'll cry for me ,  
T h e  w a y  I  c r i e d  f o r  y o u .
One day you'll want me ,

B u t  I  w o n t  w a n t  y o u .♥ 


the hardest part about walking away is knowin that you won't run after me__________x

You see that girl staring into space?
If you were to ask what's wrong,
 she would say nothing,
when in reality it's everything.

She's sitting there wondering what she did wrong,
what she could've done differently,
how she would've changed it if she had the chance.
And if she had the chance to go back and do it over again, 
would it end with the same result?

That's why she stares.

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