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Friends r the ppl who knock on ur door when they come over and call ur parents mr and mrss soo and soo and ask for things

Bestfriends r the ppl who just walk right on in say hi mom to ur mom and just make themselves at home

I couldnt live w/out my friends i love themto death!!!luvya guyz!!!!
*...not here dial the digits..*
luvya ((ur name))
SwEeT lIkE cAnDy....HoTt LiKe FiRe....Im ThE p E r F e C t AnGeL oF yOuR eVeRy DeSiRe

tips: the sweet like candy looks cuute in pink
hott like fire is mixed w/red and yellow the im perfect angel etc can be mixed w/purple and baby blue

hope ya like *
...*...gIrLs JuSt WaNnA hAvE fUn...*...

im me on nobodysangel07 and/or lilmoore105
w a l k i n g in the *rain* is the best thing to do.....then noone knos ur crying..... and that ur *p e r f e c t* relationship was *ruined* by h i m........and u think its ur *fault* that u did something rong but u didnt he was just a scared lil boy afraid of a broken heart and losing u soo he cheated......and thought if u didnt kno then he wouldnt lose u.......but u found out and he then realized he had lost s o m e t h i n g *special* n would never get it back......he realized also cheating isnt the best way to keep ur relationship *p e r f e c t*and a way to prevent a broken heart but it just makes it worse in this... 2 hearts were broken and he realized he had broken his own heart.....

heyy ppl i just made this up on the spot * u like my stuff u got good taste but it dont take talent to copy and paste* just dont say u made it up but i kno u will ne way so whats the point of sayin this? but w/e
uno when u go out w/someone ur supposed to get the happiest feelings well when they break up w/u u get the worst feelings its just the opposite

i was bored ino its gay but w/e
i <3 love olivia <3333333333
:*: my life is soo much better now that i found u :*:

i luv u dylan sooo much and if we break up ill still love u *

its gay but its true lol

:*:PrEtTy In PiNk:*:
:*:WiCkEd In UnIfOrM:*:

The pretty in pink part looks good in arial narrow size 12 and wicked in uniform looks good in cenurty gothic size 12

He said we would last the rest of the year , that was 3 days ago.....
He said he loved me that was 3 days ago .............
He said that he rele liked me.......

he said all of that 3 days ago and he broke up w/me the next day.....

Beau eveen tho we r broken up i still luv u babe*

if only he felt the same way........