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If you broke up with him almost a year ago, and your best friend wants to go out with him. He makes her happy and U want to move on.

Let Her Have Him.
Most girl's boyfriends are there best friends, but my best friend, is my boyfriend. <3

 If I could be any part of you, I’d be your tears. To be conceived in your heart, born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips. <3 

So, today we had a tornado warning at school and had to take cover. the boy i like turned and looked at me and said, "I want a kiss before we die."

I'm a song;
You're the lyrics.
there is no me without a you,.<3
We had the church where every person dreamed, had there voices heard, had the drums, guitars, keyboards. then we got a new pastor. everything changed. its boring, every ones upset, hes a liar. no ones voices are being heard. i spend my Sundays crying. this has been happening for 11 months now. much longer, i don't know if there will be a church. but i see the people i love and are soooooo close too being hurt and thats what eats away at me. the fact that i cant help them and that i cant do anything. so i talked to our new pastor. he told me " the youth will never have a say" i died inside. then he has the balls to sit in front of everyone and deny it, right in front of me. him and my dad.--realllyyyyy close until all this started happening. lied about my mom and me. My best friends family left the church along with many others. i cry just thinking about never seeing them again. this just leads to more arguments .my "best friend" and i can even talk anymore without her rubbing it in my face how happy they are at there new church "its a breath of fresh air" my dad told me last night were leaving. i CRIED MY EYES OUT. i haven't been fighting for 11 months to give up. not now. not knowing how much it will hurt my family i have there. not knowing that it hurt me sooooo much to see them leave, how can i cause that same pain to the people i love. my dad and i aren't really close but i know i should talk to him. i cant get the words out though. i'm just stuck. stuck between making myself happy and making other people happy.
Did anyone ever tell you how
you are?
My best friend is still not over her ex, they've been broken up for 10 months now. we both like each other. and he asked me out, and said he understood that i didn't want to hurt her. but hes going to ask me out again. should I say yes? She says she doesn't care but i don't want to be like "OMG HE KISSED ME!!" and have her burst into tears... help please!!
My best friend's ex boyfriend..yeah..she still likes him. me and him though.. like eachother...
When it gets to the point where you cant even talk about things without crying, what do you do?
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