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Another lonley Valentines Day... </3
Ok so all you guys who are against bullying theres a boy on here.... His username is  Saphacier he has been harrassing my friend so much that she has considered suicide... So please help me get him kicked off by reporting him. If you want to see the comments he made they are on a girls profile. her name is hayhayy915
and my friends name is Sassy231. This is not cool. So please help me nd her get him kicked off witty :) thank you

What I hear today:

Me: ''Why doesn't he want me?''

My friend: ''He wants a stable relationship.... Not a sextoy''

Me: *Walks away in tears*

Awesome day huh??
I've started cutting again.....
I just wanna say.... That if this isn't going too get better... Im not going to be here anymore. 
So thanks everybody who tried to help me. 
F/ck..... My.... Life....

I know you believe you understand 

what you think I said, but I'm not sure 

you realize that what you heard

is not what i ment



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I just need to sort through my feelings... I have 

no idea what I am feeling right now. Mixed 

love for two different guys. I might be having a 

baby.... One of the guys is the father. 

Please don't judge me... I just need to let these

feelings out. I love him because he constantly

reminds me of how beautiful I am, and how I'm 

so awesome and that he loves me. 

The other one does the same thing. I don't

know what to do... Please help me.... 

I pray for the broken hearted 

I pray for the life not started 

I pray for all the ones not


I pray for all the souls in need

I pray 

Can you give them one today ?

I just can't sleep tonight

Can someone tell me how to

Make a change ??

I close my eyes and I can see a 

better day.

I close my eyes and pray.

I prayyyy

I close my eyes and praaaaayyyy 

Justin Bieber <3



Yes I have made mistakes
Yes I have regrets
Yes I have guilt 
Yes I have fears
Yes I have flaws

But most importantly...

Yes I love you