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Quotes by pinkfrosting321

I'm crying.
I just looked up Taylor Swift's new song, "Ronan". 
It's about a four year old boy who fought cancer, and sadly passed away.
I know that normally no one bothers copying the link, and listening to the song. 
But I promise you, even if you don't like Taylor Swift or her type of music,  it will most likely affect you. 
So please listen?
I can't listen to it without crying.
If you buy it on itunes, all proceeds go to cancer related charities.

It's worth taking 2 seconds to paste it into a new tab.
I promise.

Mirror, Mirror, on my wall,

I want to be pretty, thin, and tall. 
Mirror, Mirror, if I change my hair,
Maybe then someone will start to care?
Mirror, Mirror, if I starve myself,

At least I'll be beautiful.  Forget my health.
Mirror, Mirror, if I cut my wrist,

Will I finally feel like I exist?

Mirror, Mirror, don't you see?

What you show is ruining me.


♥ Somebody Asked Me 

If I knew you
A  Million Memories Flashed Through My Head
And I Just Smiled
And Said
 I Used Too.    


  You could tell me that I'm Beautiful.

You could say to my face that I'm Breathtaking.

      You could tell me every single day of my life that I'm  Gorgeous.


But I will never,ever, believe you.

I Shouldn't Love You 
But I always will.



Just  Curious...
When do you go back to school?
I feel like Summers ending too fast.

I go back September 6th.