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Million dollar idea: A snooze button that lets you sleep longer the harder you hit it.

"will people stop talkinabout 
that damice movie?"
"it's like they can't Let It Go"


You know what?
There are more important things than being thought of as beautiful.
And so many teenage girls don't get that and end up feeling pathetically mopey for five years because
they are vain enough to think that how others perceive them affects the world or themselves
in any way.

Girl, the only person who gives a sh*t if you're ugly is you.
get the ffff over it.

because if you're like "I just wish another human would tell me i'm beautiful"
i'm hardcore judging you for being a close-minded, shallow-hearted kid.

(oops that was too blunt
yu know what BITE ME)

((and one last thing because you know, butthurt. :: i don't care if this offends you. :) by all means, be offended.
i don't write to cater to random people's feelings and whims. *mwah* ))

lol i'm so gonna lose a follower

no amount of caffeine could keep me awake like you do
             I watched you snap a hello in her direction just how you always used to greet me, and all i could think about was how she was so incredibly under appreciative of the the dust flying off of your fingers. She doesn’t realize that every molecule that comes into contact with your skin is automatically turned into gold.
           There was a time when my body was glowing with the deep yellow substance, When your palms used to sail across the width of my back, transforming each freckle into shiny metal. I admired the way you crafted each bump of my spine. I can still hear you laughing as you watched my eyelashes brighten from their original black. They tickled the wisps of blonde on your flushed cheeks until they became ice cold and far too stiff to be considered hair for any longer. I was a statue before I could even catch myself, but I can assure you that I was the most valuable landmark the world had ever seen. All because the tips of your fingers brushed my newly light hair from my face and our lips had their own unique dance.
          Now every drop of golden liquid has been drained from my veins and it is as if you never even touched me at all. I miss my coating of lustrous armor and I miss shining with the scent of your clothes. Oh how I hope she stays brunette.

I wonder if the bobby pins i hid in your bedroom
are still pinned to the same beige lampshade.
and i wonder if the grooves in the stitching of
your sweater are as deep as it's maroon color makes it look.
I wonder if your collection of stickers is still
growing on your window panes.
and i wonder how messy your closet has gotten
since i last helped you clean it.
I wonder if the cuffs of your khakis are still
stained from the puddles we danced through.
and i wonder if you just threw them away.
i wonder if you realize that i would plant flowers
in your yard every summer if it meant that
i could always be there to water them.
and i wonder if you will ever allow me back
into your life so that my wonders can be answered.
          One day, I met a boy who could make me laugh with just a simple twitch of his eyebrow and a snap of his fingers. My ribs ached every day in the best way possible and he always carried a sly smirk on his lips.
           He left after 3 months, but that was okay because

            One day, I met a boy who was more gorgeous than anybody I had ever seen before. No one ever got tired of staring at his perfectly structured cheeks and he assured me that I was just as beautiful as he was.
He left after 6 months, but that was okay because

           One day, I met a boy who gave me flowers and biked all the way to my house when he knew that I was upset. My parents shook his hand and were impressed by his abundant use of ‘please’s and ‘thank you’s.
He left after 9 months, but that was okay because

            One day, I met a boy whose beautiful lips uttered the sweetest jokes. He opened car doors for me and used his perfectly tanned arms to carry me over puddles. His jade colored eyes lit up at my puns and I could never keep a straight face while talking to him.
He left after 12 months, and that was not okay.

I’d like hair as dark as
the ashes in your fireplace.
a jacket the same
shade as your sisters.
I want my cat to have
similar stripes to yours.
for our living rooms to have the same
amount of nutcrackers displayed
during Christmastime.

I just need to have something
with me that reminds me of you.

One day, he’s going to kiss you
and in that moment, nothing
else in the world will matter.
Your grades will suddenly look
like A+’s and you will be tricked
into believing that you
will never have to cry again.
You won’t be able to focus on
the cars whizzing by behind his lightly
speckled hair and deep green eyes,
but you certainly won’t mind.
Every inch of your body will be
shaking so violently that it’ll look
like you we freezing, but your cheeks
will be the warmest pink they’ve ever been.
Everywhere from your neck to
your eyebrows will ache from smiling
and your palms will be sweaty, but
don’t worry, his will be too.

I can't sleep because
i can taste the air of our first date.
I remember the exact shade
of black the sky was,
and i could pinpoint each star
ike placing a tack on a map.
I can smell the spiciness of your deodorant,
and i can recall just how badly
i wanted to smother you.

I can't sleep because
i can taste the dinner of our last date.
It's like we are together again eating meat
and macaroni by the candlelight.
But we're not.
I'm here alone in my bed
and i hope you're there
alone in yours.