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Heyy! So I'm Jonalyn. Don't judge my username haha I'm actually 17. I'm a senior in highschool. You say my name like John-a-linn. I live in New York. Manhattan to be exact. My mom lives in Southern California, so I'm there some too. I love to cheer! I'm a flyer. I also have a passion for all things music. So that's basically me. Want to know more, talk to me! :) Or Aim me: Jonalyn90 

Quotes by pinkunicorn22

Boy: I could use someone to
hook up with right now.... 
Girl: Why don't you call one of your "hoes"?
Why did you just call me?
   Oh I see what you did there.....

Hurricane Irene
 hit New Jersey. If MTV won't cancel Jersey Shore,
God will. 

Does anyone else find it weird
that witty was made by a guy?

If there's a movie 
about Facebook
there should sooo
be one about 
W i t t y

{} {} {}

Favorite & Comment 
And I will tell you the name of 
your future husband. 

Comment so I see can everyone. And I'm just really bored haha :) 
--------------- ---------------

is the hardest word to say.

in any language


You  say  yolove me

but you make me cry


Yeah,that's a lie.


 Today at Victoria Secret 

my total was $69.69. I got a few dirty looks when I laughed for five minutes.
Coincidence? I think not.

Music is what
♥ feelings sound like ♥