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Quotes by *•°¯`••songbird••´¯°•*

if we all sang the same note,
we'd never have harmony
the world is so hateful ,
that someone would rather die
than be who they are
mom : why are your grades falling?
me : gravity, mom
me : oh my god, you have to see this video
friend : oh, i've already seen it
me : oh (-_-)
me on the inside : btch you better watch it again
and pretend like its the first time you've seen it
because i discovered it okay?
where can i get cheat codes for life??
i'm so scared to put that "profile views" thing on my profile..
because i'm not sure if anyone even knows i exist
This might make some people angry..But whatever. Here goes nothing:
You know why Witty's almost dead??
The top quote gets, like an average of about 75 faves a day.
And maybe if its a guy or a popular Wittian,um 90 maybe.You
know why?Because not a lot of people fave quotes
All or most of the quotes here are about love or relationships or
break-ups and blah blah..I mean, seriously, love is not your entire life,
okay??Its not all boys and girls and butterflies and hearts and valentines
or whatever, all the time.
So many of the quotes here are from Tumblr or facebook.C'mon, Is it
so hard to come up with your own?And many quotes are from Witty as well.
The same quote gets posted every once in a few weeks.What pÏsses me off
is that it'll still get faves.And the original quotes are almost neglected.

I joined Witty beacause all of you here were so nice, because it was not unfair like
the real world it was almost like an escape for me.I felt accepted, for once in my life.
But over the past month, i've been feeling so "not home" here and its almost like
a school with popular kids and all that shït.Maybe its a personal problem and
nobody probably cares
, but we need to stop all this and get Witty back up.
Start faving more quotes
Start making more quotes,your own quotes and stop stealing them from other sites just to be popular

i'm done.
thank you for reading this

i hate it when i forget to press send
             and i'm just sitting there waiting for a reply
She's a strong person.
But every now and then,
she needs someone to
take her hand and say,
"Everything is going to be alright"
I hate two faced people.
You never know which
side to slap first
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