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Quotes by *•°¯`••songbird••´¯°•*

i know that many people don't care, but i need to vent
its actually so easy to keep me going in life
maybe if someone gave me a little present
or at least said something nice about me
or show that they care
and it pis.ses me off because i'm that person 
for everyone else
but no one ever does anything for me
people go the extra mile for someone
that doesn't even deserve it
but, why??why is it so unfair??
you know what the worst part is?
everybody thinks you're happy and
they think they're right about it
Everyone talks about leaving a better planet for our children
But no one talks about leaving better children for our planet
i wish i could turn the sun off for a while
Why do we fall in love with all the wrong things?
Is there anyone out there 'cause its getting harder and harder to breathe?


what more does life think i can take?
seroiusly, stop with all the "no boyfriend on valentine's day" quotes
its not the end of the world
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