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you could write a book on how to
ruin someone's perfect day


yeah mom i'm ok i just don't want to be alive haha



 when they're in love.

You are beautiful.
No matter
what they say.
Words can't bring you
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living in a world where innocence

is quickly

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So I visited the "Top This Year" page and it was like a huge slap in the face. There were so many familiar but now inactive accounts. The fave numbers on those quotes were pretty much what you used to be able to get in a day. It was quite depressing, any of you feel me?

What if a pregnancy test just said:


Today in science I saw an atom model made out of marshmallows.
I've never thought chemistry could be so delicious


just a small town girl. Living in a racíst, insensitive, sexist, homophobic world,


♥ I wanna get better ♥