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Quotes by pixistixninja

Admit it, sometimes it's easier
to say you don't care, than
to explain all the reasons why you do .

You don't know, do you?
That in a crowded place, my eyes will always search for you.

&' To All Those Times You Just Wanted To
S C R E A M    


i love pictures.

because the best thing about them is that they never change. . .
even when the people in it d o  




S U M M E R 
2 O 1 1

C o m e   A t   M e,   B r o   




I Can't Explain How Painful It Is To Wait For Something That Never Comes.
N e v e r.



We Fear R e j e c t i o n,
Want A t t e n t i o n,
Crave A f f e c t i o n, And
Dream of Pe r f e c t i o n .


Everything Is Beautiful,
But Beautiful Isn't



& Don't You Just Hate That Terrible Feeling You Get When You Know You've Been
R e p l a c e d .



'I Wasn't That Drunk'

Dude You Were On My Carpet Singing
"A Whole New World"