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Quotes by planetxar_the_1st

If I cry for help, I wouldn't be believed. "High fuctioning" anxious horrors fill my life.
I felt like Dash...
I saw deep water, I braced for impact, closed my eyes and kept running. I opened them to walking on the water instead of drowning. I laughed and sped on my way, love keeping me afloat.
Keeping "US" afloat
What is a promise that is broken for good reason? Is it a betrayal of trust or a restoration of faith?
3am, bed a messTears on cheeks The smell of saltThe harsh street lightsOur voices crackHearts are brokenWe are broken
I breathe in the icy water like a man who hasn't had enough air for days and sink down to the bottom, grinning wildly at the idea of who i had become.

Even as i sit here waiting for the yelling to start, I dream of the day you get out of our lives and we can all breathe again.

Our friendship is an empty box after the present is gone: ripped wrapping paper and broken cardboard, we can put it back together with stickytape and glue but it will never be the same.

i can't love you in the dark...

Run little girl.
Run while you can't see the monster you're becoming.