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I`m Kaelyn.
I`m 15.
I loove gymnastics and cheer. They are my life.
I loove boys . (;
I love to laugh and have fun. but i have many issues that i regret very much. one day i`ll overcome them though, I`m determined.
Gymnastics is the best decision i`ve ever made in my entire life. no joke. i dont think i`d be alive if i didnt have gymnastics.
My best friends are my favorite people on this earth.
Talk to me please, I`m very friendly. :D
Also, Follow me, you wont regret it. (:

Witty bestfriends ; 
1. kailey_langlois143
2. i_rawr_chuu
3. dirtydog69 - total babe , and such a sweetheart. (:
anyone else ? (:


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Hello c:

i am rather bored, so if anyone with a blackberry would like to add me on bbm then please feel free too.
I wish people would stop acting so weird when they find out i have an eating disorder.
My eating disorder DOESN'T define me.
It's now what i like , It's not who i am.
It just happens to be something I'm stuck with.

10. Dear future best friend,

EITHER a ; be freaking amazing and super fun and great.

OR , 

b ; be the same ones i have now. 

 8. Dear future me, I hope you love yourself a hell of a lot more than i do right now. I`m the most insecure person ever. and i have so many issues. >.< i hope to god that they are solved once i get to meet you. I`m sure you are a beautiful and confident person. Please dont let me down, i`ve been let down way too many times. i dont want to come to find out that you are nothing like i planned you`d be. I:
4. Dear ex best friend , I miss you. like a lot. But i guess that it was just meant to be that you didnt make it into my future.
I miss telling you about everything and talking and hanging out every single day.
You're one of those people that I want in my life. Unfortunately, i`ve been replaced. By the girl you claimed to hate. Nice to know that you lied to me about pretty much everything. Makes me wonder what you've said behind my back. also makes me want to stab you to death. But i`ll live, because i have better best friends , who have stood by me through it all.
Please, just dont talk to me and make things worse.
I`m doing fine without you and i sure as hell do not want you back in my life to screw everything back up. 
Oh, and by the way, i`m not a doll that you can just take off and put on the shelf freely, i`m a human being and i have feelings.
3. Dear guy i love , <3
just wait til i get to Dear Boyfriend.
1. Dear ex , You really hurt me. Actually, you completely broke me. And that's not okay. I thought i was fine at first but, as the days went by i just got more sad. I sat, and i wondered what i did wrong. Everyone told me to just let go and move on, Yeah well it was easy for them to say, they weren't shattered into a million pieces. But one day, I looked in the mirror and i saw that i did nothing wrong. It was you all along. It wasn't my fault at all. So i picked up the pieces and started to glue them back together. No, not all the pieces are there, but yes, i have enough fixed to get back out there and find my prince charming, find the one to love me until forever ends. As for you, you can sit there, with your slutty girlfriend. Wondering what i`m doing right now and if i'm better off without you.