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I`m Kaelyn.
I`m 15.
I loove gymnastics and cheer. They are my life.
I loove boys . (;
I love to laugh and have fun. but i have many issues that i regret very much. one day i`ll overcome them though, I`m determined.
Gymnastics is the best decision i`ve ever made in my entire life. no joke. i dont think i`d be alive if i didnt have gymnastics.
My best friends are my favorite people on this earth.
Talk to me please, I`m very friendly. :D
Also, Follow me, you wont regret it. (:

Witty bestfriends ; 
1. kailey_langlois143
2. i_rawr_chuu
3. dirtydog69 - total babe , and such a sweetheart. (:
anyone else ? (:


platypus123431's Favorite Quotes

Some girls want it all,
but I just want
and a
WIFI network.

When boys:

make you feel like yourself
a strong craving or hunger for kissing

butterflies are beautiful
I want to ninja punch my boyfriend in the face right now cuz he's mad at me for saying he's not good at comebacks!!! Men these days!! So sensitive.
he is changing,
he looks different,
he has different friends,
he never replys anymore,
he is becoming a past life.

im not changing,
i look the same,
i have the same friends,
i reply to everything,
but i have stopped caring.

Me while shaving my legs: Ugh. I hate being a girl.
Me while drying my hair: Ugh. I hate being a girl.
Me while putting on makeup: Ugh. I hate being a girl.
Me while straightening my hair: Ugh. I hate being a girl.
Me while plucking my eyebrows: Ugh. I hate being a girl.
Me while picking out clothes: Ugh. I hate being a girl.
Me while looking in a mirror: Ugh. I hate being a girl.

Silent classroom with 100+ students taking a test

My stomach: I will now demonstrate the sound of a dying humpback whale.

When people go underwater during movies,I like to hold my breath

and see if I would have survived in that situation.
I died during "finding Nemo"

Did you know? #31
Depressed people dream up to three times as much as non-depressed..