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I`m Kaelyn.
I`m 15.
I loove gymnastics and cheer. They are my life.
I loove boys . (;
I love to laugh and have fun. but i have many issues that i regret very much. one day i`ll overcome them though, I`m determined.
Gymnastics is the best decision i`ve ever made in my entire life. no joke. i dont think i`d be alive if i didnt have gymnastics.
My best friends are my favorite people on this earth.
Talk to me please, I`m very friendly. :D
Also, Follow me, you wont regret it. (:

Witty bestfriends ; 
1. kailey_langlois143
2. i_rawr_chuu
3. dirtydog69 - total babe , and such a sweetheart. (:
anyone else ? (: