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In 1995 two creatures tried to have a child. In September of 1995, their hearts were broken, for their baby died in the womb. It took a long time, but once they got over their broken hearts, they tried again. This time it was a success. September 13th of 1996, 10 days late, a beautiful baby boy was born. This wonderful child was named Christopher Donald Di Miceli. Since this child brought so much joy to their life, they thought, why not bring another child into our life? So, 2 years later, they tried again, and on December 25, the day after the due date, the pregnant creature did not go into labor. They had to wait 365 days to celebrate Christmas with their baby. It wasn't the end of the world, but it was tough. December 30th, a beautiful baby came out of her mother's womb. She was named Dominique Marie Di Miceli. Yes, that baby was me. And that is the story of how my family came to be. Unfortunately, this family didn't last together, so later you'll read about how my family tore apart. Well, my parents at least.

I live in New York but I  like to say I  have many homes such as: my grandma's beach house which I just love love loveee! NYC babyy! &&yes, I was born in the suburbs but I believe that I'm a true country girl at heart♥
I'm the kind of girl who would rather dance in the rain with the guy of my dreams than be [hooking up] behind the gym. To sum it up, I'm more Taylor Swift than Lady Gaga (no offense to her). Unfortunately, this guy does not exist. Weeeeeellllllllll, I've kinda sorta been in love with  this guy who lives on the beach (where my grandma lives, 40 minutes away from me) since I was, like, 7. Here's a cute story: I was on my boogie-board far out in the water one time and all of a sudden I fall off my board because of a STUPID wave and I hear the cutest laugh&&a "wow, that was a fail". Yes, it was him and yes, I was embarrassed. I think any of you Witty girls would be, too. The problem is...our status lies at that stage that kills the average teenage girl:   
Just Friends. 

I'm 13 and in the 8th Grade. Yes, I'm young for 8th Grade. No, I did not skip a year (well kind of, i don't really count pre-school though). I'm a nerd, and I'm okay with it. I have a 96.1 average and Princeton is my DREAM COLLEGE. Yeah, I am DEFINITELY a nerd.(:
I wouldn't say I'm popular, but I have a lot of friends, and I love them like family.If your looking for a judgey type of person to be friends with, keep on looking cause I'm not her. Me and my friends are better than that. And yes I DO know that was supposed to be 'my friends and I'. Uh-oh, the nerd in me is kicking in(;
I love photography, but when I said that to my parents I guess they took it as a little kid type thing and bought me a shit camera (don't worry, daddy. i still love you). Bleh, I'll get a better camera soon.
Soccer is my life, fortunately and unfortunately. One of my coaches, well, she's an ass, but I try to get passed it (kind of hard though).  I play goalie but I like the feild better sometimes. My team is a family (and I wish my coach was the runaway who decided to never come back...ever). I have it every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday + tournaments. Now you see why I say it's my life? Yeah.
My parents are divorced and they have a strong 'dislikage' toward each other (I've been told hatred is a strong word(; whatever) I'm KIND OF okay with it (well it has been 7 years) but I have had my moments. My family isn't like most divorced families (if that even makes sense). I see my dad just as much as my mom. I love them both.
When my brother and hid girlfriend broke up [the day before their 7 month anniversary], I think I was more upset then he was. She was like my sister and I refuse to let THEIR breakup change our friendship so she is STILL and ALWAYS WILL BE my sister<3
I decided to save the best for last- friends (well, yes, of course family comes before friends but my family is so big and confusing an it would take years to explain). Anyways, my two best friends [Megan-6th Grade and Lauren-7th Grade] both have 1 brother [Brendan-10th Grade and Johnny-10th Grade] I have a brother, too, as you now know from before. He is in 10th Grade as well. The boys met in pre-school and have been best friends [practically family] since. And after that, us girls became even closer than our brothers were. So here lies the amazing story of my best friends.
Okay, if you just read that whole thing (and  DON'T lie) please comment on my page with your name, what brought you to my profile and something about you and I will dedicate one of my quotes to you (basically I'll write a quote about you) because... I LOVE YOU! K, bye!
Ed Sheeran♥

Hey. I've been a Wittian forever but I haven't been on in so long. Honestly, I hate the new format and that's why I left. I can't deal with it. Whatever, I'll cope.


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My grandpa just died yesterday at 2:00 a.m.

He was one of the nicest, happiest people I will ever know

and his story was incredible.

The doctor's diagnosed him with stage 4 lung cancer a couple years ago.

The tumors were in his lungs and wrapped so tightly around his heart

that they couldn't perform surgery.

They said he would live only a few more months.

I knew something about that seemed wrong.

And it was.

He went into remission for a year.
He got healthy again.

He ate again.

He felt good again.

Then it came back.

And it hit him hard.

He just got worse.

And worse.

He didn't look like himself.

It was hard for him to breath.

He had some good days, but less than we would've liked.

Then he called my mom.

"I need to see you, Karen"

My mom went down to Florida to visit him.

She would sit in the hospital room with him all day.

He was funny.

He was still Joe.

Just Joe with cancer.

Joe with death crawling up behind him.

He still smiled.

He still laughed.

He still loved.

Then the hallucinations began.

He said he saw my mom's husband in the chair.

My mom got divorced six years ago.

He said maybe it was her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend was in New Jersey.

He said he hoped he didn't embarrass her.

Then he stopped talking.

My mom would sit there and watch him.

All day.

He slept most of the day.

She constantly told him how much she loves him.

How much we all love him.

He smiled.

He smiled with his eyes, too.

Those big blue eyes.

Then my mom said goodnight.

She went back to the home she was staying at.

She had dinner with my grandpa's best friend, Peter.

They prayed that God would take my grandpa before my mom

left so she wouldn't have to worry.

My mom went to bed.

She got a call from Joe's retched wife.

She ignored it and called the hospital instead.

"Your father passed away about a half an hour ago"

She went to visit his body.

She sat with him.

His palms were still warm.

His chest was still warm and familiar.

She held his hands and put her head on his stomach and cried.

He was gone.

His spirit was still there, though.

In her heart.

In my heart.

In everyone's heart.

Everywhere we go, he's there.

And he always will be.

If you read this, thank you.

I needed to vent and tell his story.

I know my grandfather's story helped Mikay30 with her grandpa.

I hope it can help other's too.

I love you Grandpa Joe♥

Remember when...
Our curfew was the street lights?
Our parents  yelled outside, "It's time to come in" instead of calling us?
We played outside all day instead of on the computer?
If we didn't eat what Mom made us, we didn't eat at all?
Washing your mouth out with soap wasn't just a threat, it actually happened?
We drank from the garden hose?
Getting dirty was fun?

A real girl is always well dressed, hair done. She never swears,

behaves gracefully in all situations and circumstances. She has more

than enough patience to take care of her family and she always wears a

smile, and has a kind word for everyone. Fave if you have just realized

that you very well might be a man.

S U I C I D E.. ...Should not exist. But what is a quote going to do? It's going to do a lot. I want a petition to go around of Witty and I want you to repost this quote with your name signed. After I get all of these names, I am going to make a YouTube video of all the Witty Profile names that took out a few minutes to read and repost this quote. Let's show these people how much we care and someday we can put a end to this! stay strong!














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