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heyy, i love dance.
comment. fave. follow; <3

GregSulkin? i think so <3

My best friends is victoria; also known as victoriaaa. - - xoamericaneaglexo21 :)
or toriiix3  FOLLOWHER.
She is the next mrs.bieber
so back off. hehe. [:
i love her so much;
she loves music.. &
there's this kid that's deeply in lovee with her. she doesnt like him.
alright, bye :)
toris mahh sisttterrr;
were hanging out. jealous?! :)
the world.
 that thing.

Quotes by polishgirl8

                           The way you look,                      
                              The way you laugh,                                                        
                                The way you love                                   
                                  With all you have 
                                   There aint nothing bout you                                                                           
                                     That dont do something for me...                                  

                                                                                     The way you kiss,
                                                                                       The way you cry, 
                                                                                         The way you move,
                                                                                            When you walk by, 
                                                                                              There aint nothing bout you 
                                                                                                 That dont do something for me     

  comes in all sizes
  That awkward moment
 when your walking in the hallway alone
 and theres a teacher

staring at you
 i wanna remember this night and how my words never came out right and it's just my
patience that keeps me

oh, just like all those pretty lights
just like all those
pretty lights
Love me.for.me 
 I scream your name! 
It always stays the same.
I scream and shout!
so what i'm gonna do now is


     And would it be
cool if

       they made a Witty app??  

srry if jocked, think mine

even if you have nowhere to do it
 but your own living room.

They were walking through the park, hand n' hand, arguing over,