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Yeah...well I'm not really great at this kinda thing, so here goes. I basically come on here secretly to get away from everything. I hate myself, the person I've become and basically everything about me. I'm incredibly insecure and ugly and my music gets me through life. so...yeah thanks for checking out my page? :)

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NCIS:Los Angeles


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Cheryl Cole~Dannii Minogue~ Girls Aloud~The Band Perry~Demi Lovato~Tulisa~Alesha Dixon
"Anything that's worth having is sure enough worth fighting for. Quitting's out of the question, when it gets tough gotta fight some more"
-Cheryl Cole
"Great dancers aren't great because of their technique-they are great because of their passion"

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When you type 'kk' and your phone changes it to 'kkk'
I hate my username but I'm too lazy and uncreative to change it
So this twelve year old girl in my town made a stripping video of herself to send to guys

She's 12

Why am I seeing this #cutforzerrie thing? Is this a repeat of the beliebers cutting because Justin smoked weed? I'm not a One Direction fan, nor do I give a sh/t about anything that they do, but the fans who started this are sick. It's not all directioners, just like it wasn't all beliebers, but the few that participate in this trend are disgusting creatures. Cutting is not a joke. I cut. I know other people on this site cut. It's not something to be taken lightly. If you really were a fan, you would be thrilled for this guy. He's found a girl he loves and is ready to settle down with her. This whole cutting trend makes me sick to my stomach. You know why I cut myself? Because i am a worthless piece of sh/t who doesn't deserve to live. I hate myself, I f/ck everything up, and a few other personal reasons. One member of my favorite band is having a baby. Am I going to cut? No. I'm overjoyed for her. You people doing this need to take a step back and look at yourself. Because what you are doing is wrong, hurtful, and sick
I met one of my teachers today. The first thing she said to me was she's a directioner. Guess who's skipping her class everyday
My seventh grade English teacher is like 35 years old and lives in her parents' basement with her cat. Oh, and she wears socks with sandals.

This is my future

Except for the socks with sandals. That is just unacceptable
Not all Christians are against gay marriage
Not all Christians are going to shove their beliefs down your throat
Not all Christians are stuck-up, rude, jerks who believe that they are the only ones who are right
So can we stop with the stereotypes and try to be friends?
Without any meaning
we're just skin and bones,
like beautiful robots dancing alone
Please tell me I'm not the only one that finds Ariana Grande annoying as hell...

Kate Middleton just gave birth to a baby boy. All I need is for her and Will to hold him up on the palace balcony and sing the Circle of Life and my life will be complete