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Quotes by pooferzz

"Remmeber that time....."

*Me on Witty*
Did someone just follow me!?
*Like every quote*
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What is a good quote?
A good quote is something witty, clever, funny or inspirational that you would want to hang on your wall and read again and again. A good quote is something you wouldn't be ashamed of if someone you knew read it. A good quote is something strangers would reblog or print out and hang on their walls.

Well then. Makes you think
dosent it.
When people say,

                                      "So the other day..."

It usaully means like weeks ago.
Me:My cat did it.
Friend:You dont have a cat!
Me: But i DO have a fish.

*Meeting A Bunch A New People*

Random Person: Hey!

Me: Hey there....asdfghjk right?

Yesterday is history.««
And tomorrow is a ººmysteryºº.
is a
           That's why it's called {{}}the present.


Blondes Year in Review:

January- Took scarf back to store because it was too tight!!
February- Fired from pharmacy job for failing to print labels.. "duh" bottles won't fit in typewriter!!!!
March- Got excited....finished jigsaw puzzle in 6 months... box said 2-4 years.
April- Trapped on escalator for hours.... power went out!!!!
May- Tried to make Kool- Aid.... 8 cups of water won't fit into those little packets.....
June- Tried to go water skiing...couldn't find a lake with a slope!!!!
July- Lost breast stroke swimming competition...learned later, other swimmers cheated, they used their arms!!!!!
August- Got locked out of car in rainstorm, car got swamped, because the top was down!!!!
September- The capital of California is "C"-- isn't it?!
October- Hate M&Ms ... they are too hard to peel!!!!
November- Baked turkey for 4-1/2 days... instructions said 1 pound per hour, and I weigh 108!!!
December- Couldn't call 911..."duh" there's no "eleven" button on the phone!!!