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He always said 'i love you'

but did he really mean it?
Just think for second,
if it was really true..

He'd still be talking to you


She can't explain her feelings for you,
even though she tries.
Her friends can't seem to understand,
why you make her cry. 
You decide to send a text,
every few months. 
And explain,
 you have always had feelings for her.
She goes and gets her hopes up again, 
praying things might go back to the way they were.
She can't explain how she really feels,
because you wont say what's on your mind. 
You have got a plan that she can't figure out,
but she wont give up cause you are one of a kind.
There's millions of guys,
she could be dating.
instead she's thinking about you,
just sitting around and waiting.
you play her like its a game.
How can you live with yourself,
and not feel shame?
In the end it comes down to her loving you,
but the worst part is..
All along you knew


For one of the strongest girls i know   

tries to impress that special someone,
but if you cant get them by being yourself,
they can't be that special..


& the difference between
like, love, and in love
is the same as
for now, for awhile, and forever 

I know you think you broke my heart.
But I knew your game from the start.
I noticed early and played it too.
Good try
player, jokes on you.

We started off just friends,
which was fine with me.
Everything seemed perfect,
we were happy as could be.
As we got to know one another,
more and more each day.
Our feelings quickly grew,
there's so much i wanted to say.
We began to talk a lot,
there's stuff i wanted to share.
You listened to everything i said,
you always seemed to care.
I used to be 'your girl'
and almost everyone knew.
If they messed with me,
they'd have to deal with you.
One of your friends was jealous of us,
and that's what caused the fight.
Its been awhile now,
we haven't spoken the same since that night.
I miss the way things were,
i wish there was something i could do. 
I want to go back to the time,
when i meant everything to you.

Its funny.. i thought i knew him?
- turns out he's like everybody else

 I realized what it feels like to put on a fake smile and pretend everything's okay.

I'm starting to hate Witty..

fave if you are too </3

Me: (to best guy friend)
What's it like for a boy to fall in love?

Best guy friend: I don't know. Every part of you wants to see her. To be with her. To comfort her, and only her. You want to do anything physically possible to make sure that she's the happiest girl in the entire world, and you'd do anything to make her that way. You cant stop thinking about her even if you wanted to, which you don't because it feels too good to do so. This leads to not being able to eat, sleep, or dream correctly because she fills you with butterflies. When you do get to see her, your day instantly brightens up and you have a hard time concentrating on anything else. She makes you feel like life's absolutely worth living and she gives you a reason to smile day after day. There's no feeling in the world that comes remotely close to it.