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alright so i need some help here... this guy and I and really good friends, we talk pretty much 24/7 and he likes my best friend..we hung out today just me and him...i kind of think i might like him a little bit.... after we hung out my best friend got really mad at him for some reason (most likely because we hung out without her) should i feel bad? should i stop talking to him?? what do i do!?! I really want my friend to be happy with him but i think she thinks im trying to take him from her...

 I Love You
is just a phrase 
u n l e s s you show that it
means something *more
I read your text message over and over and smile
because for once in my life I have found someone
who makes me feel wanted <3
I'll love you  
          forever and always
Helping others,
blinds me from
the pain thats
inside myself.

idc about editing. 
Never go to sleep with something unsettled
because you never know if your gonna
wake up the next day
When we talk I get butterflies,
and I love how you make smiles after every word :)
and I love how you listen to me and how you trust me so much.
and I love how our friendship means the world to you..
and I love how I think I love you
and  you dont
know it.
My life has been nothing but
black and white.
Until I met you.
 I was blinded by your words and good looks
You made me think you really cared about me
All the things you said, I believed...
Only to end up getting my heart broken </3
Credit to me