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my name is savannah the nick name is savy and I know the username is dumb but I can't change it :P and I don't make any more quotes because I suck at making them look good about me: I love to just have fun with whatever I am doing. I love animals. my favorite sport to watch is hockey. I am really friendly unless someone make fun of anyone I don't judge or hateI like to be myself and let no one change that

Quotes by popdiva97

           WARNING!                               Head phones are on
mom/dad please shut up and let me enjoy my musical relaxation time OR ELSE
thank you :)
Our lives can change with each breath we take,
let go of what is gone,
and hold on to what you've got <3
Our finger prints on our fingers are
all different because when we touch some ones life we leave a different

When i see you my heart sinks to the ground because i know
I'll never have you like i did before.

not mine.

Girl: your eyes are pretty(;

boy: haha people always say that

girl: people always say I'm pretty when I'm NOT

boy: your right
girl:  ikr

boy: what I meant was  your not pretty your beautiful <3 

 The most painful good byes are the ones never said and never explained </3

please don't hate cause its not pretty my computer is f-d up :p

when I have my headphones I expect the world to be silent :)  fav if you agree

I'm not weird I'm normal with a twist ;)

Nope I cant go to hell. satin still has that restraining order against me ;)