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Hey well my name is Kinzey... My birthday is April 6th... I guess I'll tell you about myself!! (+) Christmas| Deandre| friends| cute moments| love| singing| mermaids| doodling| punching in the face| big t-shirts| hair| makeup| cousins| pueblo| family| Tokyo| Pokemon| ice cream| sleepovers| warmness| body pillows| cats| secrets| vacation| no homework days| the color aquamarine| when I look good| funny faces| my followers| <

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(-) insecurity| boys| heartbreak| fights| tears| feet| necklaces| populaur boys that make you feel bad| girls| | homework| sadness| hearts| math| science| teachers| fat| bodies| faces that are better than mine| stupid essays| computer| dogs| bad attitudes|

Stay Strong Don't Forget Your Beautiful

Quotes by Cats_Are_My_Only_Friends*

Tough times don't last, tough people do...
I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!!

Your eyes are so beautiful they put the stars to shame...

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I wish i lived in California....
Sometimes your happy ending doesn't have to end with a wedding... Sometimes your happy ending is starting over, starting fresh...
At some point, you have to realize that some people can stay in you heart, but not in your life
Trust is like paper, once its crumpled, it can never be perfect again....
People don't cry because love is over, but because it still continues... even if it's over
Love has 4 letters, but so does hate
Friends has 7 letters but so does enemies
Truth has 5 letters, but so does lying
It hurts so much when one turns into another....