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I'm Amber
and thank you, for coming on my profile

I live in a small town in Texas
I'm 15 years old 
I have blonde hair and blue eyes
I'm 5'4 tall 
I like things to be colorful

I love to read everyones quotes
on witty! I think all of your quotes are
awesome. so I favor quotes ALOT!!!

I hope you have a great day! 
Never give up hope, and always smile 



follow me and I will follow back!   -potato300

I don't think anyone will read all of this but if you do, well thank you..
It means alot that you take the time to learn something about me.........

I love the color blue





No Trespassing

       will be
  will be shot




Quotes by potato300

              (Me and my mom walk in a small store, 5 min. later we walk out and the parking lot is complety empty)
              Me: wow, I never saw this parking lot so empty. 

              my mom: You probably scared eveyone away with your ugly face. 

It still hurts
                                                              true story
you were designed to
In class
The biggest lie I tell myself is
" I don`t need to write it down, I can remember it.
I swear i`m "normal"
   We all have that one teacher  
  who is so easy to get off track 
My diaphragm tightens
Brightening the light
My body lie stiff
On cold winter`s night
shadows of angels
angels of death
brushing my face
As I draw my last breath.
                                                     - colorfuldarkness
it can lurk in the corner
or attack you from behind
but the worst fear that you can fret
is only in your mind
I've never felt so hated in my life,
my parents hate my so much
and my friends really don't like me
( I think they feel sorry for me, and they always ignore me. Not that I had many friends to begin with).
I know some of you guys don't want to
hear my problems or you might not care but I've been so lonely, I just want so one to listen.
Thanks for reading, it means a lot to me
My life
 is just to hard
     you wouldn`t understand
My most important question now

Is he worth it?

My answer will always be

Yes he is!!!
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