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&May the odds,
be ever in your favour

Yuan, 13 years young, single.
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Most Wittians have to atleast remember or know some of these:
Brandoncyrus days.
The "Big 2011 Witty crash".
DamnnTaylerx, Jayciecutie01 &, Jade672 ruled the top quotes section.
FramingMatthew is the most courageous, strongest &, amazing person on witty. (Nobody will ever take his place)

R.I.P Matthew. All of Witty misses you ♥

When not even one person talked about One Direction or Hunger Games.
AlNicholas was the ultimate Witty boy.
When Lollipopx3 wrote the best witty stories.
SocietyKilledTheTeenager is the strongest witty girl on here ♥
When the advertisements were never here

When we saved Witty Profiles from getting deleted! :D
When quotes came from the heart
When Witty was Witty

Where did this Witty go? :(
No hate comments, please.



Am I the only one??
who wants to die,
be dead for like a day,
see how everyone
then come back to life.



hut up no one likes you!"

when someone corrects you.

I’m blonde; I must be stupid.
I’m brunette; I must be boring.
I have red hair; I must have a fiery temper.
I have black hair, I must be eccentric.
I dye my hair; I must be trying to be someone.
I wear make-up; I must be fake.
I wear skirts; I must be a slag.
I like football; I must be a lesbian.
I’m rich; I must be spoilt.
I’m poor; Imust be a tramp.
I wear black; I must be a goth.
I wear hoodies; Imustbe causing trouble.
I’m skinny; I muststarve myself.
I’m curvy; I must constantly eat.
I’m smart; I must be a nerd.
I’m independent; I must be a loner.
I cry; I must be a baby.
I’m not like you; I must be weird.
I’m like you; I must be copying.
I’m religious; I must make you be the same.
I’m young; I must be naïve.
I’m old; I must be unable to look after myself.
I’m a teenager; I must always be up to no good.
I’m a straight-A student; I must have no social life.
I have no job; I must be lazy.
I have a good job; I must be a snob.
I’m foreign; I must be pocketing your tax.
I am human; I must be stereotyped.


I have never

 finished a bottle of nail polish or chapstick.
ever. lololololol

I'm officially naming my TV remote

2010: you're only cool if you have Silly Bandz.
2011: planking is boss.
2012: hey, let's go choke on cinnamon!
i bet God just went *facepalm*

Teacher: Why do I hear talking?
Because you you have ears?

You wouldn't like someone to turn you on & then just leave.


                        Seeing the quotes about child abuse....
Makes me want                       to cry and die for them.


Are YOU against child abuse?