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I always end up falling for the wrong person.
But I love my boyfriend more than anything at this point, he's my best friend even when we argue and I don't know what I'd do without him. 
Honestly? I'm sad a lot.
Pictures, quotes, and lyrics can say a lot more about me than I do.
I'm not perfect, so I'm sorry if that's what you want. But that's why they made Barbie.
Sometimes I’m difficult to handle, but if you can’t accept that, don’t give me hope that isn’t really there and make me think you want me too. Because I fall too hard, too fast.


Quotes by prenee58

Sometimes I think suicide really is the answer.
I absolutely love my boyfriend.
He is my best friend.
I don't know what I'd do without him.
lovelovelovelovelovelovelove this
i wish i had someone to trust, to tell things to.
i wish i had true friends.
i wish i wasn't always the one to get backstabbed,
turn on, & walked all over.
i wish someone loved me for me.
i wish i was pretty, skinny, loved.
i wish i was someone, anyone but me.
I like you so much
I'm DONE being everyone's little B/TCH. go ahead and talk sh/t, but keep my name out of your F/CKING MOUTH.
F/ck you, f/ck you all, f/ck everyone
I want you to stay.
Here I go again, losing anyone and everyone I actually care about.
Boy cause I'm standing over the edge
Loving you is suicide
And my world's about to break
And I had as much as i can take
Love is a long way down
Loving you is suicide
And its getting harder everyday