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I always end up falling for the wrong person.
But I love my boyfriend more than anything at this point, he's my best friend even when we argue and I don't know what I'd do without him. 
Honestly? I'm sad a lot.
Pictures, quotes, and lyrics can say a lot more about me than I do.
I'm not perfect, so I'm sorry if that's what you want. But that's why they made Barbie.
Sometimes I’m difficult to handle, but if you can’t accept that, don’t give me hope that isn’t really there and make me think you want me too. Because I fall too hard, too fast.


Quotes by prenee58

I'm falling for your eyes, but they dont know me yet.
I just want to be yours.
No matter what.
Have I ever told you
you're the one reason
that's kept me from giving up?
Well you are.
And you know what
the sad part is?
I feel Luke I'm losing
that reason.
One second after the other,
you get further
and FURTHER away.

I think old fashioned is cute. 
 I think kisses on the cheek & forehead, actual dinner dates and asking 
someone out in person is a lot more romantic. I don't think the guy
always make the first move, but I feel as if it's cuter if the
guy asks out the girl rather than the other way round because it's
been like that for so long. I liked it when 
the guy actually valued
girlfriend and called her 'sweetheart' instead of 'babe'. 
i'm tired of feeling this way 
it's not right, not okay,
say the word it should say,
maybe we're better off this way?
i'm not fine, i'm in pain, 
it's harder every day,
maybe we're better off this way?
it's better that we break
I dont even know what this feeling is anymore
Im just so.... done....
i'm never going to be perfect enough for you am i?
is this life over yet
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