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I always end up falling for the wrong person.
But I love my boyfriend more than anything at this point, he's my best friend even when we argue and I don't know what I'd do without him. 
Honestly? I'm sad a lot.
Pictures, quotes, and lyrics can say a lot more about me than I do.
I'm not perfect, so I'm sorry if that's what you want. But that's why they made Barbie.
Sometimes I’m difficult to handle, but if you can’t accept that, don’t give me hope that isn’t really there and make me think you want me too. Because I fall too hard, too fast.


Quotes by prenee58

i wish you wanted to be with me like i want to be with you.
i wish i was the type of girl that a guy could fall for..
i'm sorry i'm not perfect.
i'm sorry i'm not the girl you want.
i'm sorry i get annoying.
i'm sorry i care.
i'm sorry for loving you.
i'm sorry for being a b/tch.
i'm sorry for pushing you away.
i'm sorry for being jealous.
i'm sorry for being sad.
i'm sorry for being sorry.
i'm sorry..
and i confess that i'm holding on by a thin, thin thread.
it's like i'm longing to be with you.
people say that if you dream about someone it means they went to sleep thinking about you.
i had a really long dream last night..
guess who was thinking about me?
it's just that you're so adorable
and we could be really cute together
and do cute things
and my friends think we'd be cute
and you say the sweetest things
and you're all i think about anymore
and i think we should try
how is it even possible to miss someone so much that you've never even met
plot twist you saw all my quotes and told me you felt the same way
i wanna date you
and never break up
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