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hey i hope you all like my quotes ... about 92% of them are total originols, the rest are song lyrics. i try and relate my quotes to situations that are going on in my life, so enjoy ... D0N`T STEAL MY EFFiNG QUOTES && SAY THEYRE Y0URS. GiVE CREDiT WHERE CREDiT iS DUE. kthx

Quotes by prettieinpiink92

im confusing these thoughts with reality
bc see i thought that you might actually
keep your promise this time.

silly me
so bottle up on love
&& throw it out to sea
o didnt you kno? the only reason im doing
this stupid thing to impress you
&& we dont need to talk
just let those pants hit the floor.
and tonight ill show you my best moves
and prove to you why you should be with me
hes perfect. everything about him is absolutely perfect.
we have so many things in common. we'd be perfect for eachother. so why arent we, you ask? oh, its this little thing called a <i>girlfriend ... </i>
meet him at the door
with nothin on
&& this bed could use a SECRET;;
if these pounding hearts could keep it &♥;
lets dl!J a coin;
heads;; im yours tails;; your mine

((dl!J .. after you do edits it looks like flip upside down its really cute))

lets dl!J a coin .. impact really big
dl!J ... strikeout J
make lets, a && coin blue ... dl!J grey

2nd line .. font terminal

((not takin credit*))
im kinda sorta fallin head over heals for you

make 1st line big
0H, -- piink
you -- light green
© -- symbol && piink