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some things you probably already know:
im taken by a wonderful man, and this one is real, not just in my head! :D
im not very tall.
im pretty blonde sometimes.
i have blue eyes.
my favorite colour is blue.
i have a special ring that i wear b/c i like it.
i have small hands.
i love to smile, laugh, and joke.
im talkative.
i like to colour.
im a textaholic.
i dont go any where without my mascara.
i like to swim.
i almost always have my music with me.
i love theatre and choir.
im addicted to dr. pepper.
i used to send out a link,  .
i only am following a few people.
some things you probably don't already know:
i enjoy being short.
i love my blue eyes, and i think they are my best feature, and that's why i love blue.
i hate my nose, i think it's too big and should shrink.
im actually pretty smart, ending sophomore year with an average of 96.125.
i love math, b/c it's the only thing that NEVER changes.
i like my small hands and love it when your hands are bigger than mine.
im actually very shy.
yes, i enjoy colouring, but no, i do not want a colouring book for christmas or my birthday unless it is a JOKE!
i will always wait for you to text me first, b/c i dont want to seem to desperate to talk to you.
i can be a drama queen sometimes.
i listen to the same song over and over again b/c it reminds me of you.
my link now says, "You are a lizard." when it used to say, "You are beautiful." i am very sad about this, and i will start sending it when it's back, i pinky promise.
i'm only following a few people because i almost never look at who i'm following's quotes, so i decided to only follow those who devoted their witty to making a difference in other's lives, so you should check them out. they make me smile everytime i see their posts on your wall, so please, tell them they are more amazing than they will ever know.
most of my question quotes do not belong to me, and i do not take credit. i'm just bringing them to you. :)

Quotes by prettynerd

i wished at  
in class, today.

soon, my wishes will come true,
I just feel it in my heart.


 Dear Steve,
You are amazing.
Sincerely, Everybody
why do people keep asking me,
»    "are you okay?"


the butterfly project<3;

1) when you feel like you wɑnt to cut, binge, or mutilɑte, tɑke ɑ mɑrker, pen, or shɑrpie ɑnd drɑw ɑ butterfly on you hɑnd or ɑrm.
2) nɑme the butterfly ɑfter ɑ loved one or someone you reɑlly wɑnt to get better.
3) you must let the butterfly fɑde nɑturally. no scrubbing it off.
4) if you cut the butterfly before it is gone then you've killed it. if you dont cut, it lives.
5) if you hɑve more thɑn 1 butterfly, cutting kills ɑll of them.
6) ɑnother person mɑy draw them on you. these butterflies ɑre extrɑ speciɑl, tɑke good cɑre of them.
7) even if you dont cut, feel free to drɑw ɑ butterfly ɑnywɑy, to show your support. if you do this nɑme it ɑfter someone you know who cuts or is suffering right now, ɑnd tell them. it could help.


im doing this. legit.

love is a game  ///////////////////////////////////  

that everyone plays. the rules are easy.
[smile] until your heart's content. [laugh] with
every breath you take. [remember] every moment
you think you should regret. [never hold on] to 
someone who won't hold onto you. but;
[be careful] // there are people out there who
will wait for you and fake everything that's going
on..just to see you fall. and those people don't
deserve love. it's a game; everyone's a player.
only some players play by the rules..and those
players, are the ones who will win in the end.



   The first word of that sentence. 

She's an artist;
a painter actually. you see that
smile on her face? thats her most

Famous Piece.
*quote by  _dreamer 505_

You're the one
I day dream about,
and I day dream a lot.
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