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some things you probably already know:
im taken by a wonderful man, and this one is real, not just in my head! :D
im not very tall.
im pretty blonde sometimes.
i have blue eyes.
my favorite colour is blue.
i have a special ring that i wear b/c i like it.
i have small hands.
i love to smile, laugh, and joke.
im talkative.
i like to colour.
im a textaholic.
i dont go any where without my mascara.
i like to swim.
i almost always have my music with me.
i love theatre and choir.
im addicted to dr. pepper.
i used to send out a link,  .
i only am following a few people.
some things you probably don't already know:
i enjoy being short.
i love my blue eyes, and i think they are my best feature, and that's why i love blue.
i hate my nose, i think it's too big and should shrink.
im actually pretty smart, ending sophomore year with an average of 96.125.
i love math, b/c it's the only thing that NEVER changes.
i like my small hands and love it when your hands are bigger than mine.
im actually very shy.
yes, i enjoy colouring, but no, i do not want a colouring book for christmas or my birthday unless it is a JOKE!
i will always wait for you to text me first, b/c i dont want to seem to desperate to talk to you.
i can be a drama queen sometimes.
i listen to the same song over and over again b/c it reminds me of you.
my link now says, "You are a lizard." when it used to say, "You are beautiful." i am very sad about this, and i will start sending it when it's back, i pinky promise.
i'm only following a few people because i almost never look at who i'm following's quotes, so i decided to only follow those who devoted their witty to making a difference in other's lives, so you should check them out. they make me smile everytime i see their posts on your wall, so please, tell them they are more amazing than they will ever know.
most of my question quotes do not belong to me, and i do not take credit. i'm just bringing them to you. :)

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This quote does not exist.

The funny thing about the

notifications is that if you stalk

someone's profile and like all

their quotes, they'll just know.




seeing.him.smiling.and.flirting.with.him ->

developing a crush
hoping he likes us back

- Dating - late night texting - kissies-
then falling hard.

only to realize

every girl has that one guy
she goes back to, heartbreak
after heartbreak. and no
one knows why, not even her.


  I wonder if Plankton

                                                             goes planking.


This quote does not exist.

so how does it


to swim in your own tears

you lied and you lied
and I died and I died

and now you know why


m moving on.
i refuse to listen to songs that remind me of you,
i stopped talking to you (did you even notice?)
i even found a new man,
hell, i don't even think about you anymore!
although people always ask about you
&&i still get a small feeling in my stomach,
i'm moving on.

it's easy to tell someone you're moving on.
actually moving on is a whole different story.

credit to whoever.


NO, you aren't alone

YES, we all feel this way sometimes

NO, you won't always feel like this  

YES,the world is a better place with you in it.