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Quotes by princess__christian

in  American  History,  we were  talking  about  Ceasar,
and  how him and  Cleopatra  had a  "fling"  even though
they  were  both  married.     Our  teacher  then  explained
that adultry wasn't really that big of a deal "back then"
I immediately thought  about my last three boyfriends
(my  ONLY  three  boyfriends),  and said,  "Well, most
people  don't  find  it  a  big  deal now either,  do  they?"
Most  of  my  class sat  and  thought about this  for  a
moment,      and      every      one     of    them    agreed.
The        world        is       such        a        sad       place.

I'm           on          the                edge                of         breaking           apart
i      don 't     know       what    to     do
Part  of   me  says    J u s t   E n d    I t
But I'm Too In Love With You.
You know you made the right choice,
So why the hell does it feel so wrong?
|  "It's FEARLESS  |
to         have        ( f a i t h )
that        ----------> someday
{         things          will          }
**      change."      **
( T a y l o r S w i f t )
*  "But no matter what love  *
throws        at        you,       you        have
to    ( b e l i e v e )    in    it.    You    have
to      believe    in     >> love <<      stories
|  and               prince            charmings  |
{          and    happily    ever    after.          }
>        that's    why     I    write    these       <
songs.           Because           I             think
[  love    is    FEARLESS."   ]
(T a y l o r )                     ( S w i f t )
~  "I think allowing  ~
{       yourself         to        ( c r y )        }
*     on     the      >> bathroom <<     *
[ floor is FEARLESS." ]
( T a y l o r )           ( S w i f t
{  "FEARLESS is getting back  }
up   and  ( f i g h t i n g )   for  what you
want    > over <  and  > over <  again...
even        though          every         time
| you've tried before, you've lost." |
{ Taylor }  { Alison }  { Swift }
[    "FEARLESS     i    having     the     ]
Courage     to     say     ( g o o d b y e )
to   someone    who     only ------> hurts
you,       even        if        you        can't
*         breathe   without   them."         *
( T a y l o r )               ( S w i f t )

"To me, Fearless is not the absence of fear,
It's not being completely unafraid.
To me, Fearless is having fears.
Fearless is having doubts.
Lots of them.
To me, Fearless is living in spite
of those things that scare you to death." 
--Taylor Swift

As your heart will let you be
And your only as small
As the world will make you seem
And when the going gets rough
And you feel like you may fall
Just look on the bright side

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