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hi. The name's Melissa.
I love soccer.
i'm a triplet (my sisters are livelifeforever and sistersforever)
My best friend's name is julie14472 and sunshine303.
I am an amazing nail art person.
I love doing people's hair\makeup.
I love witty and instagram.
love One Direction


Hello Stranger :)

Quotes by princessforever

Using YOLO because YOLO.

           What did one ocean say to another ocean

                                   what a beach

Are you a garbage can
because your girlfriend is pretty trashy

  love you pick up lines sunshine303!

 ___o ___
       l        i miss you this much!

Listening to that person you like
Open to opinion
Value in other people
Even at all time

   I love the way you smile
                                         *so do
nt stop*