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||  If you only knew half the stuff that goes through my head ||

well heres how it goes; the name is morgan, morg for short. im 13
years young and going to high school next yeaar. sports are my life
along with music. im a catholic, so dont make fun of jesus or god on
my page. music is what keeps me going. paramore is my favorite
bandd. i like all different kinds of music from country to rap. im
italian, german, and irish. The irish and german don’t stand out at
all; i know, i hate bugs, hardcore rock and haters. i don’t mind if
you don’t like me; but don’t judge me if you don’t know me at all.
thats about as much as you need to know. if you want to know
anything else, let me know and id be glad to tell youu

P.S. I love to give advice so if you need help with anything, comment my page or you can email me at my witty email address:

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t o  b e   h o n e s t
id rather have a boyfriend that doesnt have the [[best looks]] and treats me like anangel
than a boyfriend that has the best looks and treats me like a piece of trash
But yeah you may say looks do matter.
But id rather be seen with a guy that doesnt have the best looks
than a broken heart


I Pledge

that 20 years from now,
when i have a husband and kids,
i will show them Witty Profiles.
I will show them all the drama that went on
in a teenages girls life so that they
know that this is what i asked for my entire life.

today instead of asking someone for advice, i decided to give advice. heres how it

1) you can comment my profile
- or -
2) there is an email adress just for advice that you
can email me about if you dont want it to be public
on my page.

all im here to do is help. the answers you may get are based on my opinion and my opinion
only. i wont share any of your information if you dont want me to.
also, if you decide to email me, leave your witty account name on there.
thanks girls!


I had my chance and i lost it
so much for my
happy ending
format credit to peaceinpieces

your always going to be my biggest mistake and my biggest regret,
but your always going to be someone ill never forget ♥


just the thought of you can drive me wild

click the ♥ if you thought of someone


why do i still love you?

all you did was hurt me. you broke my heart so many times.
yet, i still love you like none of that happened.
maybe its your smile. maybe its the way you talk to me.
maybe its the way youd compliment me out of the blue.
maybe its the way you laugh. maybe its the way you say my name.
maybe its the butterflies you give me. 


we talked everyday for hours.
you'd tell me you were coming to see me once i got home, and you did.
you'd come over and hug me every chance you had, even when you were doing something else.
if i walked away, youd come follow me. 

now, you dont even talk to me for a minute.
you never come see me.
i dont get any hugs from you; and i miss them.
when i walk away, you dont even glance over. 

what happened? what did i do? was it something i said? was it something i did?
i dont know what i did, or said, but, i miss you, way too much and i love you. </3

almost cried while writing this.
complete vent. </3

I may be a little crazy and I may be the weirdest girl you know
But don’t think that’s all that there is to me
Because honey, that isn’t even half of it.

so this is me swallowing my pride
standing infront of you saying im sorry for that night 
and i go back to december all the time.
turns out freedom aint nothing but missing you,
wishing that i realized what i had when
you were mine