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||  If you only knew half the stuff that goes through my head ||

well heres how it goes; the name is morgan, morg for short. im 13
years young and going to high school next yeaar. sports are my life
along with music. im a catholic, so dont make fun of jesus or god on
my page. music is what keeps me going. paramore is my favorite
bandd. i like all different kinds of music from country to rap. im
italian, german, and irish. The irish and german don’t stand out at
all; i know, i hate bugs, hardcore rock and haters. i don’t mind if
you don’t like me; but don’t judge me if you don’t know me at all.
thats about as much as you need to know. if you want to know
anything else, let me know and id be glad to tell youu

P.S. I love to give advice so if you need help with anything, comment my page or you can email me at my witty email address:

Quotes by psh_loserxx

Today, I realized the initials of my sister's school is HOE. 
___________________I knew she went there for a reason.

Today, I went to the mall
 and realized that we now have a BJ's. Right next to Dick's.
The people that are in charge of our mall are perverts.

im not difficult to get along with,
_________________________just difficult to figure out ♥


My friend was talking to a guy on the internet who started threatening that he would come to her house and hurt her.She has 3 little brothers, all of whom slept on her floor and outside her door for a week with nerf guns and water guns to make their big sister feel safe.

Kids like this GMH♥

its not pretty, but it doesnt
have to be pretty to mean something♥



is the feeling we fall in and out of.
every time we fall off, we learn to hold on tighter..
hoping that next time we never have to let go

i ' m  n o t  a f r a i d  o f  f a l l i n g  i n l o v e ,
im afraid of there being no one there to catch me

 you know that feeling.. 
when you look at him and think, wow i love him; but were just friends.
or maybe when he looks at her it hurts so much sometimes. when your
inlove with him and he loves her. you love everything about him,
and he loves  everything about her. you wasted all your 11:11 wishes  on him.
youve kept it in for so long. no one knows how confused you are.
do you tell him that you like him? or do you keep it in, as usual.
its confusing 
or "it's complicated" . is your answer when someone asks you whats wrong
"im just tired?" yeah, tired of trying. when you look at them together
your eyes fill up with tears because you love him so much and
sometimes you just wish he

 knew ♥

 im over you
( i wish )

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