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Hey y'all!!! My name's Jessie. I live in New York. I'm 16.  Anywho, I love my family and consider my friends my family. We're all really close. I'm the kind of girl who'd rather go on camping than to a fancy restaurant. I also play video games, and personally think that I'm beast at them. :P I love animals and roller coasters and bread and a bunch of other things. Talk to me if you wanna, don't if you're not a people person or just don't wanna talk. TTFN!!!!! :D

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Do people get buried with their braces on?

When I say
something wrong in

My Friend: Can you just stop taking

Spanish please? You kinda suck.

Me: Can you just stop breathing please?

You're kinda wasting my air. :P

And the teacher just stands there in awe.


I know a couple that's like Beauty and the Beast. But there's one difference: She's the Beast, and there's no way to reverse the spell.

He's the one who's my honorary brother. 
 The one who practically lives at my house.
The one who teases me.
The one who sticks up for me against his friends.
The one who gives me advice on what to look for in a guy.
The one who will tell me the honest truth.
The one who will have the last say in something I do.
The one who wears my sweatshirt because he's "cold" when his is closer.
The one who picks me up when I'm down.
The one whose name brings a smile to my face.
The one who's one of my best friends.
The one who I can't live without.

The one who doesn't see how much I  LOVE him.


Watching scary movies until 5:30 in the morning and then being afraid to sleep. aAnd then, once you finally do sleep, waking up, seeing something at the end of your bed, freaking out, kicking it . . .


And realizing you just punted your cat across the room. =)

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