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Greetings Earthlings
I'm Ashley
 So about me;
16 years of age, which makes me a jr in high school  c:
DOB: 01/04 (any twins? ;D) 
Competive swimming has taken over my life
single but hopfully going to be taken soon ;D
Shy around people I do not know
friends mean so much to me
I have a job as a lifeguard. ;)
friendly person so wanna
know more just start takin'



Quotes by ptscswimmer

The 'L' in my luck
has been replaced with an 'F'


I don't really know
where I am going
but i hope i go far.


BABY. ;)

Common sence is like
The people that need it

the most never use it.

not my format.

The only reason why I am fat

is because a tinny body

couldn't sore all this

personallity ;)


  that awkward moment when
you realize that your

format by julietechoecho
White pants
are see-through. 

To the world

you  may be  one  person

But  to  one  person

you  may be  the  world. 


You know just life..

Find a cookie
Tell yourself that eating
the cookie is a bad idea.
Eat the cookie anyway.
Regret eating the cookie.
Deal with guilt by
eating more cookies.
Jenna Marbles
Drunk putting on fake eyelashes..
Dear Male species,
When was the last time you glued
something on your face?
Love, Jenna, Love
I do this all the time


Everything has beauty
But not everyone can see it.