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I'm alexus

i'm crazy i like hanging with friends & playing sports.
i play cheer & soccer
i also run track.
im tired of people on this site
sit here & talk about
cutting because it relivese stress
it actually puts your body into shock & it causes more stress.
lifes about living
not tring to cause pain
i understand life  sucks i know
i have shit going on too.
but you cant just roll over like that.
your gunna let life put you down& keep you down?
we're witty girls
this site is a open diary
that actually hears you & helps you
so dont think your being heard.

'Cause, if we stand for nothing,
we'll fall for anything.

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i n. a. room. full. of. my. friends . 
why do i feel so alone? ♥


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oh.  great. . . . 
i have that song  stuck  in my head and i only know one line!
fml . . .  

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that. moment. . .  

when your the first

person to fave the

TOP QUOTE before it  
was the top quote 


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we. get. it.
witty has ads nobody likes them but is it that  big deal !?   
just. saying.♥

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that akward moment  .... 

when you make a werid noise with your foot in class & EVERYBODY looks! so you just shout out "that was my foot." && make it 10 times more akward  

( [ [ p.u.d.g.e.2.4.7 ] ] )



those few days of everything being great  
&&then .. 
.your thinking oh boy something bads gonna happen soon im never happy this long 
[sad but true]

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[insert quote with true feelings &get zero favs]

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dont make other people your happiness ....

because you can't control them but you can control yourself be your own happiness 
...save yourself the pain i would know </3  



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i feel like i took witty for granted .&&now
everybody is having freaking
. .
thanks  steve  the crash may have helped us get back to
the real


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