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this is my life.....
my name is monica rosemary maria bizzoso, i go to ims and i am going into 8th grade, i love my friends, i would not be alive if they werent here<33
my quotes are based on loveee, and flirtingg,  ;) so add to favs if you like them, there are always more quotes to comeee:),

kk hope ya enjoyy!

Quotes by puffinloverrrrrx3

Sometimes I wonder 
Do you  [ like ]  my  e.y.e.s?  do  you  know  they're brown?
Are  we  even  friends?   or  are  we  [ something ]  more?
Do you ever think about me?  Do you want me to be happy?
If  you  saw  me  [ crying ]  would  you  s.h.o.w.  concern?
If  you  [ knew ]  I  was  hurt  would  you  ease  the  pain?
Have  you  [ ever ] thought "wow she looks pretty today.?"
would you hug me if I asked? Hold my hand if I was scared?
Do    y.o.u    [ daydream ]   about    me    during   class?
Will   you   e.v.e.r   [ prove ]   to   me   that   you   cared?
Do    y.o.u     ever     [ wonder ]     these    things    too?
Do you ever wonder if I wonder about you?

credit to whoever made this
changed the color and like two words
idk boredd=/

--------> summer love . midnight kisses . shooting stars . secret wishes <--------
---->do u believe<----
    in love at first sight

credit to whoever
&+ hes got the most
beautiful.blue.eyes.  ;)

love is a battlefield
better fo fetch your armor




bored with the colors, make it pretty if ya want

the sky...

   ...has no limit
you just have to
live your life
not caring
what they think
and shake off
the drama
and prove to them that
you're better

make it pretty!:)
Be who you are
and say what you feel
because those who mind
dont matter
and those who matter
dont mind.
"Love is life, And if you
miss love,
you miss life."
for the
you cant
put into