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Hi, I am Ciara (pronounced key-ara) and I like bandmembers, youtubers and fictional characters more than some people I know :3

All Time Low| Sleeping With Sirens|The Script|Mayday Parade|Bastille|Pierce The Veil| The Ready Set| Ed Sheeran|You Me At Six| Scouting For Girls | Young Guns| 30 Seconds to Mars| Green day| danisnotonfire| amazingphil| crabstickz| kickthepj| cutiepiemarzia| pewdiepie | New Girl| 

I also Paint a lot ...even though I am really bad at it... and I also play hockey a lot (field hockey not ice hockey) and again I'm terrible at it..

Basically I am good at stuff I hate, and bad at stuff I like ... yay.

so yay :3 thats meeee umm I will talk to anyone who leaves a comment :)

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I have a wardrobe full of clothes, 
but still wear almost the same thing every day.

Oh you think my music is too loud ?

Excuse me whilst I turn it up.


You are Braver than you believe

Stronger than you seem


Smarter than you think


whatever you become, be a good one, even if you become a mcdonalds worker

be the best damn mcdonalds worker you can be.

Am I the only one, who buys something new and 
to wear it as soon as possible?

If someone calls you weird, 
look them in the eye and say  thankyou

If you were a transformer you would be 
Optimus Fine


Dear Guys,
Don't try to understand girls, girls understand girls, and they hate each other


I have a masters degree

...in being ignored
I am Female

Fe = Iron
Male = Man

I am Iron Man