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Cutting is my escape...From the world...from everything..
I wish i would die. I wish i was somebody else. Someone worth something. I hate who i am. From the inside and the out. Im dying inside. IM empty. alone.
Too many girls want attention, not enough want respect.
I hate food. i hate it. I wish it wasnt my weakness. I wish i could control myself. I wish it didnt make me feel fat. I try to eat healthy and excersize but sometimes i just binge and binge and binge. Then i feel guilty for eating so much. Then thats when i want to throw it all up. Sometimes i do and sometimes i dont.
its my 15th Birthday :D woot woot!!
Earse this monster ive become, forgive me for all the damage done. Its not over, say its not over. Im begging for mercy. Im only the monster you made me..because who I am  isnt who i used to be, im not invincible im not indestructible..Im only human. cant you see the beauty in me?
Sometimes I sit in the shower, and beg God to take the pain away..
I feel like im always there for people, but there never there for me...