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Never Leave[♥]
the  one  you  love  for  the  one  you  like,
because  in  the  end  the  one  you  like  is
 going  to leave  you for  the one  they love

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Quotes by purpleskittle32

I forget a lot of things because 
he takes up most of the space
in my memory ♥
then you dropped a note,
and we changed key, you changed
yourself and i changed me and i
really didnt see us singing through
this. then you screamed the bridge,
and i cried the verse and our chorus
came out unrehearsed and you
smiled the whole way through it,
i guess maybe thats whats worst

You know when someone walks into your life,
and half of you says, DANGER: stay in your cave,
your nowhere near ready. and the other half says, 
go for it: make her yours<3

-Remember Me.
losing the one you love is bad enough. but
losing the one you love to your bestfriend?

now that can kill</3
im a real big fan of yours,
but im quite the joke to y o u;
but girl it wasnt
a joke when
you k i s s e d
me in your
room and r e p l i e d ,
" i love you too " </3

-Your Biggest Fan; Nevershoutnever.

You Said You Loved Me; 

more than [a n y o n e] else could ever know, but now your leaving....
can we just try to work this out? because the nights get lonely, and 
all i have left is m e m o r i e s with you. you see, ive tried to save this,
but now theres nothing left for me to do.. please dont go, just stay... i 
watched with tears in my eyes as you walked away.. i miss your voice,
and your touch.... and if i told you i -love- you could that be enough?<3 
cause in my dreams//
you're the one who keeps me asleep,
on nights where i can care less;
if i ever woke up again

        sticks & stones may broke my bones;
but names will make me kill myself.
you're not alone.
there is more to this,

i        w  <3

-you're not alone; saosin<3
i took a chance, i took a shot;
you think im bullet proof,
[  b      .  ]
for what it was worth, it was
worth nothing at all;
you just love to see me

j u m p t h e n f a l l </3