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putusernamehere's Favorite Quotes

there is no such thing as a perfect relationship,
 but that's what makes it so damn  beautiful.                           
               There are problems, but you love each other enough to fix it.

it was the only woman you ever loved
That got burnt by the sun too often when she was young.                 
               And the cancer spread and it ran into her body and her blood,
and theres nothing you can do about it now.  
                        ~ blood, the middle east

In memory of all those lost to cancer.
We will beat you some day, cancer.
I love you auntie glen, rest in peace.

I will punch you in the face accidentally on purpose.


I've been looking for a word;
a    big,   complicated   word
but yet so sad. I've found it now.
- - - - - - -          alive.

                                                        ~ doctor who


a llcredittocaptivated
 YOU KNOW,                                             
you could live a thousand lifetimes
 ♥            AND NOT DESERVE HIM
                       ~ THE HUNGER GAMES



you can't expect to hit the jackpot
 if you don't put a few nickels in the machine.      



I didn't change.
I  just  got   tired
of pretending that
I was happy.


the reason santa is so jolly
is because he knows where all the bad girls are     ♥    


Monsters don't
sleep under your bed
they sleep inside
  ||||||||||||                   your head.


one day, three autumns
a chinese idiom that is used when you miss someone so much,
one day feels as long as three years.